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Wendy Walker 



Wendy was born 11th November 1963 in East London and was also educated in East London.

It was at the age of 10 when I decided I wanted to become a singer. I used to watch programs like opportunity knocks and Top Of The Pops and dream that one day I'll be on TV like the singers I used to watch. By the age of 15 I attended a school in Leytonstone, music was one of the subjects I didn't like because they just didn't sing the music I liked or listening too, that being Lovers Rock.

One day I decided to hide in the school toilets hoping I wouldn't get caught by my music teacher. The acoustics in the toilets were out of this world and I used to spend the whole of my break time singing there and teaching girls how to do backing vocals, it just came natural to me.

I got carried away while singing in one of the cubical and dint notice that the main door of the toilet's had opened and the teacher had come in!

She stood there listening until I sang the whole song before calling me out! I got detention for the rest of the term and that teacher put me into all the school musicals to give me more confident to sing.

Since then I went on and sang in various competitions on the radio until DJ's questioned why I haven't released any songs and gave me the address of Anthony Brightly of Sir George.

It was hard getting in touch with Mr Brightly but  managed to get an appointment to see him, I had no song on tape for him to listen too so was sent away to  come back with a demo.

In 1990 a friend of mine introduced me to Spider Johnson who wrote my first hit 'Gone he's Gone' that went to number 2 in the reggae charts and got my name recognised as a Lovers Rock Artist. I sang all over England and shared shows with  Peter Spence, Louisa Marks (R.I.P), Mick Anthony, Michael Gordon, Winsom and many more.....

In 1991 I received the award for best female newcomer that was held in Leicester Square in London were I broke down and cried on stage with joy after I was told I wouldn't make it by my father.

I then went on to sing 'Stop playing around' also written by Spider Johnson in 1990 and released by Sir George, 'Make my dream a reality', 'we got one' then came my biggest hit ever my signature tune 'Your Love'.

Wendy toured Europe and sang along side the Wailers, Los Del Rio, Shakademus and Pliers and Shaba Ranks. Then was nominated for best female singer in 1992 but due to the passing of Our dearly beloved Deborah Glasgow (R.I.P) her family was given the award.

I then moved on and worked with Ariwa, Mad professor were I started working on my first album and did songs like 'Mellow', 'Feelings killing me', 'Sad girls', 'Perfect Angel', 'Spend some time together'. The album did not get released due to some miss understanding.

Wendy then went and worked at MGM studio's putting together tracks for an album but the scout left the company. In 2001 Wendy was diagnosed with Cancer and kept away from the limelight, she battled for 2 years before she was given the all clear.

There was other song which was done with Lyndel, 'First cut is the deepest' and was released on big peoples music in 2009.

Wendy also appeared at Oceans in 2004 at the start of the kings and Queens of  Lovers Rock, she also sang at the O2 in 2010 Queens of Lovers Rock and at  the Jazz café.

At present Wendy is working on her first album and pray to God it gets released for those people that have supported me through my ups and down in my singing career.

Praise be to God for blessing me with the voice of an Angel  Amen.