Heather 'Cool Notes' Haywood Lover's Rock Songstress

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Heather Haywood




Former member of The 80's reggae/soul band 'The Cool Notes' Heather Haywood began her career at the age of 15yrs in South East London in the very late 70's/80's

'The Cool Notes' began as a Lovers Rock band with hits like 'My Tune', 'I Will Always Love You Baby', 'I've Got To Let Him Know', with 'My Tune' being the biggest reggae hit of the band.


During the early 80's the band transitioned to a soul band  with hits like 'Your Never To Young'entering the British national charts at No. 42. Then the following year 1985 'Spend The Night', sung by Heather reached the top 10 followed by 'In your car', at No.13. The Cool Notes are known worldwide and have had hits as far as South Africa and Australia.

Heather has worked with many well known names, Freddie McGregor, Maxi Priest, Rose Royce, Whitney Houston, Kate Bush and Janet Kay, the list is to extensive to mention.

Heather is a force on her own. Leaving the Cool Notes in the late 1988.  Heather was signed by Polydor Records and was very successful in the dance charts. She rejoined 'The Cool Notes' in the 90's and toured Germany, Holland  and many other countries and still works with the band to date.

Heather is a singer/songwriter and has worked with various artist on their own albums, working with theatre groups and festivals outside the UK. 

This vibrant, energetic songstress has been in the music industry  for over 20 years, for a few years she has been working mainly in recording studios writing and producing, also coaching other young artist.

To date you can catch Heather on her newest venture, the solo album 'Inner vision' to be launched in early 2012 working with Creative Minds production, OBJ and JD Albert. The album 'Inner Visions' has 2 cover songs, with respect to the artist who orginally made them hits. One of the tracks 'Waiting In Vain' Bob Marley which has an acoustic vibe to it, and 'Best Of My Love', The Emotions which has been brought up to date still keeping an 80's feel to it.

The album has 12 tracks showing Heathers versatility to music, not only is she a reggae artist she is also a soul and rnb diva. For the last few years Heather has been in the studio tirelessly writing and still finds time to keep her vocals in tune with some of todays style of music.

The album 'Inner Vision', is a concept of Heather and Creative Minds production. collobrating with various singers and writers to produce the finist album a female Britsh artist could want at this time in her career.